Ad Management for Kanga Coolers

We partnered with Kanga Coolers to create quarterly content which was cycled back into the overall marketing strategy, creating a revenue generating machine.

Kanga Coolers
Kanga Coolers
Full Ads Management
Project Date
August 1, 2021
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Kanga Coolers are the original iceless cooler. Featured on Shark Tank, Fox & Friends, and more, they were looking to scale their digital marketing to the next level. We helped take their struggling ads and scale them to receive multi-million dollar returns.

The initial strategy was to do a complete audit and revamp of all ads. Their current strategy was stuck and unable to scale. We needed to understand where their traffic was coming from, how to increase the customer base, and how to improve the average order value of their customers

Kanga Coolers


Once we were able to understand their audience base and identify trends that their market had, we created and curated content surrounding their consumers' interests and applied it back to Kanga. From there, we launched comprehensive ads across Google and social media, taking the initial data they had and scaling it exponentially.

At the time, Kanga was completely unaware of what their audience trends were. We were able to identify 3 major aspects of their audience: they liked to golf, work on cars, and cared about home improvement. We leveraged this information to create a content and marketing strategy that connected with their customer base. We made sure the customer saw that Kanga was applicable to their lifestyle, which made the purchase decision that much easier. We also created bundles, discounts, and offers to increase the order value for first-time customers. We knew that if we could increase the value of customers, the ads would be easier to scale. This, combined with our audience-first marketing approach, made it so Kanga could effectively scale their ads without having to be stuck in a 1.5X ROAS rut.

Channels Used

  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Ads


  • 10% increase in AOV
  • 200% increase in total revenue
  • 6.6% conversion rate
  • $1.5M in revenue over a 3 month period

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