Ads Management for Kimbo Australia

We provide single channel marketing services for Kimbo Knife Sharpeners out of Australia.

Kimbo Australia
Kimbo Australia
Single Platform Ad Management
Project Date
January 1, 2022
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Kimbo is a high quality knife sharpening kit for both professional and home usage. At the time of starting our engagement, Kimbo was solely driving revenue through Facebook and Instagram marketing channels. They engaged with us to expand their market to Google and YouTube ads specifically.

Kimbo Australia


We were able to expand their marketing presence to Google, which quickly skyrocketed their sales. In just 30 days, they were receiving a 4X ROAS on their account. Now, after 6 months of running ads, they are seeing an average ROAS of 4.2X monthly and are continuously scaling month over month.


  • 2,560% increase in monthly revenue
  • 20% increase in AOV
  • 4X average monthly ROAS
  • 4.5% conversion rate

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