Jackson Pinkoski

Jackson Pinkoski


Jackson Pinkoski - Ad Splash Co-founder - CMO of Swoveralls


The "Guru" Behind Marketing Agencies

Jackson Pinkoski is the agency background at Ad Splash Media. With over 8 years of digital marketing experience, Jackson has worked within agencies, within large scale marketing teams, and has even managed his own marketing agencies in the past. He got tired of retirement and decided to partner with Kyle to start an anti-agency, marketing agency. He's worked with massive brands like Yahoo, Verizon, Petco, Evend.com, Stands, and more, managing millions of dollars in ad spend for these companies. He helped launch Fulfill.com, a fulfillment brokerage firm that has helped thousands of e-commerce brands find logistic partners that fit their business.

E-commerce growth and scalability are at the core of Jackson's prowess, always looking at different ways he can help businesses grow.

The gap between the agency partner and the business are now gone.

The agency should serve as an extension of your business, building strategies and plans centered around your growth. They should be winning when you're winning.

Jackson has worked hard to build the perfect agency, a blend of consulting, hands on strategy building, and a team of amazing marketers, designers, and e-commerce experts who are here to help Ad Splash clients through anything.