Kyle Bergman

Kyle Bergman


Kyle Bergman - Co-Founder of Ad Splash Media and Founder of Swoveralls


The Comfiest Man Alive - Kyle Bergman

Kyle Bergman is the proud founder of Swoveralls, the most amazing company producing the comfiest thing you never knew you needed; sweatpant overalls. He's also been a part of many other fitness related brands such as Sweat From Home and Mile High Run Club. Since 2010, Kyle has been at the center of the e-commerce industry, selling Swoveralls online, launching Kickstarters, and even premiering on Shark Tank. However, the one thing he quickly realized was how there were so few marketing agencies out there aligned with the needs of e-commerce businesses. He realized quickly that there was a major gap in the market, where companies were struggling to find a good agency to partner with, while still being able to be profitable and scale their own businesses.

That's where Ad Splash Media comes in.

Ad Splash is designed to be an e-commerce marketing agency, designed by e-commerce brand owners. We understand the needs of e-commerce businesses and develop comprehensive strategies that help you scale your brand.

Kyle is a successful entrepreneur, who likes to participate in Iron Man competitions in his free time. He loves to work with a variety of brands, on a variety of different projects, helping fellow business owners reach their ultimate goals.